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Wilmington Wedding Photographer

One of the things I try to be sure and accomplish on any wedding day is at least portrait of just the bride.  Even if she had them done prior, I still try to get one.

There's something glorious about a bride on her wedding day.  There's a glow and happiness about her that isn't really there during bridal portraits.  Her makeup and hair are perfect.  The dress seems custom cut for her.  Everything comes together.

This image was taken on the balcony of the house she was getting ready in.  The view on this cold morning was exceptional - clear skies, shelter from the winds that were howling and a glimpse of the winter browns set against the blue river.

This shot is impossible with out using flash.  In fact, the flash has to be right close and, for this image, just barely outside of the frame.

The flash is what lights the bride.  Without it, you choose between underexposing her or blowing out the background.  While many photographers would let the background go, without it, you lose the sense of where she is and has chosen to be married - both of which are part of her.

I was truly blessed by how much she loved her set of bridal portraits from her wedding day.  She was a beautiful bride with a beautiful day on which to marry her high school sweetheart.

Location: Wilmington, NC.

1/8000; f/1.4; ISO 100; 85.0 mm.

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