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Wake Forest Wedding Photographer

Wake Forest Wedding Photographer

Lions Gate Inn in Wake Forest is a stunning colonial home that many use as a getting ready location for their wedding day.

With a well-manicured backyard and well-kept interior, the inn is a top choice.  The preparation rooms are well lit by natural sunlight, which makes images made at the inn beautiful.

Flower Girl Waiting Patiently

It was important to my bride to use these stairs as part of her formal pictures with her bridesmaids.

I had taken the time to set up my flash, and dial in my settings when the flower girl come in.  I asked her where everyone was and she said they were coming.

We waited, but no one ever came.  So, my flower girl just simply sat down on the stairs.  I smiled and told her that sometimes waiting is normal.  Her response was that she didn't have time to wait as they needed to get to the venue.  Pretty time aware for a young one!

I walked down to check on the bride and bridesmaids and came back to this shot.  I actually think I startled her a little almost as if she had done something wrong.  So, to make her feel better, I shared the image with her.  She grinned rather big.

Anyone looking for a great place to get ready in Wake Forest, I would highly suggest Lions Gate Inn.  It is an absolutely gorgeous location and truly worthy as a top getting ready location!

I would love to talk with you about your wedding day, so if I can help in any way, please reach out and connect with me.

Location: 238 N Main St, Wake Forest, NC 27587.

1/160; f/4.0; ISO 640; 70.0 mm.

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