Starlight Meadows Wedding Kiss Image
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Starlight Meadows Wedding Kiss Image

Starlight Meadows Wedding Kiss Image

With a stunning backdrop like Starlight Meadow just out side of Burlington, North Carolina, it is kind of hard to not get a special image of the first kiss.  

The venue does a wonderful job of maintaining the rustic feel of the property, giving a crisp, clean feel to the wedding ceremony area and blending it nicely with the surrounding hay fields. 

As the last rays of the sun filtered through the trees behind the outdoor podium at this late afternoon June wedding, it lit up the haze that was beginning to form, providing a beautiful spotlight effect on the couple.  

Normally, I shoot a little tighter for the first kiss.  

For this one shot, though, I decided to go wider to capture the entirety of the ceremony - all the guests watching, the bridal party looking on, the white benches for sitting and the burlap flags decorated especially for this wedding.  

When shooting into the sun, especially a low hanging one, you have to watch for flare in the image.  Normally, I remove any flare that happens.  But for this image, I thought the flares added a little artistry, hitting the aisle almost dead center.  

A beautiful wedding ceremony ended with a loving and touching kiss!

Location: 7165 Shoe Road, Burlington, NC 27215.

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