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If you are willing to step outside of the traditional during your wedding day, you are likely looking at doing a first look between the bride and groom, and, sometimes, the bride's dad.  

First looks are not for everyone and I never push them on clients.   Where the idea came from I have no idea , but I do know they add a special set of images to every wedding portfolio.  

Whether to do a first look or not was never a question for this couple - they were all in for it!  

After getting dressed and allowing a first look for the bride's dad, I brought he groom outside on to a corner of the patio with some really soft light.  

Once positioned and ready, the bride sneaked out behind him.  As she approached him, she paused for a second to give me the "SHHH!" sign, completely unposed or provoked.  

This shot represents a wonderful memory for them and was easily one of the most liked of their wedding on social media.  It also serves as a great example of "staging", a technique that many photographers use to create beautiful moments that would have happened, just not in the right setting.  

Here, the brief pause and sign added a wonderful touch of personalization to an already excellent couple portrait on their wedding day!

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