Virginia Couples first dance

Virginia Couples first dance

First dances are always a highlight of the reception.  Sometimes they are filled with love, sometimes tear, but always happy and fun to watch.

This couple had one of the toughest weather days ever during their wedding.  Hurricane Hermine had made the bee line up the NC coast and made a heavy hit on the Chesapeake area.  The heavy rains and winds had ultimately caused them to move their wedding indoors and off the golf course.

Despite that gloomy weather, they and their guests understood that only one thing mattered on that day - this couple bringing the single lives together as one.

The couple decided to do a traditional dance, moving slowly to music.  It was far too perfect, so I'm pretty sure she had made him practice in their living room.

I love the smile and adoring look on the groom's face while he looks at his wife.  Whether it was from her glowing beauty or the boudoir book he received from her earlier, we'll never know.

The bride was looking over at her sister in the image.  The emotion of the moment had overwhelmed her and she had broken down in tears.  It was actually a beautiful connection between the sisters to watch.

This particular area was one of the darkest I have ever shot in.  Even with the DJ's strobes and the videographer's light, off camera flash was required to create great images here.

This setup was two lights off camera on opposite corners of the dance floor.  Generally, one lights the front of the couple and one provides a nice rim light.  In this image, one light is actually lighting the groom, with the other lighting the bride.

I also love that the warm tones from the room are kept in the picture.  From the glowing, but subtle oranges in the skin to the cozy feel provided by the single light in the background, it screams love and bliss.

Unlike a lot of couples, this one would round out their evening leading the dancing and singing of their guests.  They took time to greet and thank each table, even meeting some people they had never met.

Regardless of the weather outside, the mood inside was cheerful and happy.  This was a great couple surrounded by friends and family with love raining down inside.

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