Taberna Country Club sunset bridal portrait

Taberna Country Club sunset bridal portrait

During an outdoor wedding, you never know what to expect.  Your skies could be clear and blue or they could be spitting rain.  

For this Taberna portrait session, they were overcast, which provided great color for this picture of a stunning bride.  

After a couple seconds of scouting and set up, I moved the bride to location where I could get the fading sky, its reflection in the water and the bride in the same single image.  

Slightly underexposing the sky, I used a off camera flash to the bride's right to light her.  To ensure I captured enough of the colorful sky in front of me and with the bride standing on a slight hill, the crowd that had gathered on the veranda cheered as I laid on the ground and shot up towards the bride.  

A couple test shots later to dial in the flash power and we had the money shot of the night.  

Using the natural elements nature provides can make for some incredible wedding images and can create those once in a lifetime shots.  

This particular image was delivered to the bride before she and her family left for their home.  Not a dry eye could be found in the group.

Location: 401 Taberna Way, New Bern, NC 28562.

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