Raleigh wedding kiss Crabtree Marriott

Raleigh wedding kiss Crabtree Marriott

One of the areas of renovation that the Crabtree Marriott Raleigh has gone through included updating the outside patio area, with the specific intent to make it usable space to enjoy as well as provide a space some wedding portraits.  With the addition of outdoor furniture, solid gas fireplaces and this stone fireplace, it was a successful renovation that revived this outdoor area.  

Inside, the interior walls are a dark gray concrete, which I used for the groom's party pictures.  The fireplace made the perfect location to bring the groom, the bride and the bridesmaids together to a telling pictures. 

Using off camera flash to kick in a little extra light, we got to the group to watch as the bride and groom shared a quick kiss.  The lightly colored backdrop was an excellent choice for offsetting the pastel colored dresses, making them standout from the background.  

With a posed but candid feel to the shot, it is a beautiful reminder that the two types of photography can be combined to create natural looking shots that are worthy of large prints to grace the couples walls.  

Open shade, light clouds and just a hint of flash provided the perfect blend to ensure that the exposure is just right!

Location: Raleigh Crabtree Marriott, Raleigh, North Carolina.

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