Raleigh wedding image Lions Gate Inn Wake Forest NC

Raleigh wedding image Lions Gate Inn Wake Forest NC

I love when couple's give each other a little gift on their wedding day before the ceremony.  In addition to being a tension breaker and allowing everyone a reason to share some laughs, smiles and tears, it's a great chance to really take in the love between the bride and groom.

Delayed by my having to go grab some food (yep, that one's on me), my Grace Haven Church bride received her card from her husband as her hair was being finished up.  With her bridesmaids and mom surrounding her, she silently read the words he had handwritten, causing tears of emotion to roll down her checks.  

Just the emotional reaction was enough to generate sniffles in the room coupled with smiles on their faces.  She didn't have to read it out loud, they knew what it said by her reaction.

I love the way the bride stands out in this image, with the rest of room fading into a soft out-of-focus area.  

She is perfectly lit by the large window in front of her but slightly to her right.  The light allows for great detail on her face and slowly fades into soft shadow on the side.  It also allows the rest of the room to stay lit so we can get a sense of her surroundings, rather than deep shadows where her bridesmaids might be lost.  

I also love that you can tell she is the complete focus of their attention with all eyes on her.

If you have the opportunity to write a little something to each other before your wedding ceremony, take the time to do so.  It gives a great setting for images, but, more than that, it is a wonderful chance to speak those words of love that we all love to hear.

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