Raleigh Photographer North Topsail beach wedding

Raleigh Photographer North Topsail beach wedding

Nothing screams "the beach" like the roar and crashing of the ocean.  And nothing screams "love" like a kiss.  Combine the two and you get some wedding magic!  

This beach side wedding in Topsail Beach, North Carolina, was awesome from the get-go.  With seas shells lining the pier out to the sand and top toppers of sand replacing flowers, the decorum was 100% ocean related.  One of the first warm days of the year, it was an almost perfect day to say your vows on the beach (the wind during the ceremony made things a little tough, but that's part of getting married on the beach).

The harsher light and wind during the earlier hours had made doing any bridal party shots on the beach a pipe dream, so I focused on the details I could get as well as the bride and groom getting ready and enjoying time with family and friends.  We used the balcony to do bride and groom portraits as it was a little less windy up there.  

After the ceremony, we finished up the essential family images and bridal party images.  The guests went back to the house and the couple followed shortly for their announcement and first dance.  A tasty catered dinner followed, and then I grabbed the bride and groom to do some beach side couple portraits.

With the wind having died down considerably and the sun throwing warm sunset light on the couple as it set opposite of them, I placed a off camera flash to their left to add some light fill into the shadows and allow the background to go darker, making the couple pop off the beach.  Having the bride and groom hold hands while he leaned her back for a kiss just added to the magic.

I wrapped up the couple set and cut them lose to return to the festivities already in full swing.  Dancing and laughs ensued and the cake cutting was a blast that started kindly and ended not quite so much.  The day ended with the bride and groom jumping into the pool, followed by a number of their guests!

Beach weddings are wonderful experiences for most wedding photographers as you get presented with an opportunity to combine a number of elements into any number of shots.  In this image, the natural elements of the dark, wet sand and oceans waves leading into the darker evening sky are a perfect contrast to the bright white wedding dress and dark blue shirt worn by the bride and groom.  Had it been raining, the effect would have been more pronounced with a flash behind the couple to light the rain and add some awesome and beautiful rim light on the couple.

This type of picture is the form that grace walls and homes for years to come.  By using one of my favorite techniques of combining off camera flash and natural light, I create images rich in color with great detail.  You'll receive nothing less when we work together on your wedding!

The last rays of sunset providing a great closing on a wonderful day!

Location: 2008 Loggerhead Ct, North Topsail Beach NC 28460.

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