Raleigh Outdoor Bridal Portrait

Raleigh Outdoor Bridal Portrait

When you have a good location, a few minutes with the bride and groom and they're willing to try something, it normally works out well.  

This is on of those pictures.  

Ideally, the wind would blow and lift the veil behind the bride.  However, when you're shooting between 2 large buildings, that's not likely to happen.  

Hence, another use for the groom.  

We tried this the first time and caught him in the frame.  Second attempt was spot on.  

I had him stand just out of the frame, holding her veil, then tossing it up ever so slightly so that it flew out behind her.  This turned out beautifully, as the veil looked exactly as if the wind were tossing it about.  

In order to get the veiling the shot in it's entirety, I had to do something i generally don't like to do - shoot a person with a wide angle lens.  This works great during dancing, not so much when doing portraits, but it turned out pretty good with this shot.  

Off camera flash was to the bride's right about 45 degrees and feathered so it lit her and the veil, but little else.  

Great location with a little time and some help and we created a great bridal portrait.

Location: raleigh, nc.

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