Peaks of Otter wedding ceremony Vow reading

Peaks of Otter wedding ceremony Vow reading

Wedding ceremonies are an event of beauty, sometimes standard, but sometimes with some simple yet elegant and touching moments.  

This Peaks of Otter wedding ceremony had just that type of moment.  With the mountains and lake as a backdrop, the bride and groom pronounced their love and intentions with self written vows.  

Since much emphasis was placed on capturing not only the couple's beauty, but also the environmental beauty by the bride and groom, I took this chance to shoot from further away at a longer focal length but wide open.  

By placing the couple in the lower half of the image, I was able to seemingly bring the mountainous background closer, while shooting wide open allowed me to put true focus on the couple themselves, allowing them to standout even against the background.  

Natural light filtering through the surrounding trees gave the image a softly lit feeling, one of wonder, beauty and emotion.  

Seconds after this image, the bride would begin crying as she read her vows, with her husband looking on listening to every word and reaching out to take her hand for support and comfort.  

I love photographing these special moments as they provide touching memories for future generations of the family to reflect back on years from now.  

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