Husband gets his bride's gift to him

Husband gets his bride's gift to him

Exchanging a gift before your wedding is a tradition that still carries today.  For this wedding, the bride pulled out all the stops for her husband!

I had met the groom briefly at their house where the girls were getting ready.  He headed out soon after I arrived to meet up with is groomsmen and start getting ready.

I stayed with the bride, as I normally do, to cover her getting ready.  Once she was ready to go, we all headed to their site in Chesapeake, VA.

Once I had all my gear unloaded, I found the groom.  He and had his groomsmen had gotten ready in a dark dressing room in the basement.  In addition to his groomsmen, the couple's videographer was also down there.

Once I got there, his best man presented him a neatly wrapped present, a little something from his wife-to-be.  He was thrilled and began opening the gift immediately, opening it neatly seam by seam.

During this time, I realized that the room was far too small with very short ceilings to try and bounce any flash while maintaining control of the light.  The videographer had his own light on camera to assist with filming the video, so we turned the overhead lights of and worked by just his light.

As the groom opened, his gift, we all, including him, wondered what it was.  The package was large, much larger than most gifts I see at weddings, so even I was a little stumped!

Once unwrapped, he looked over the book and his reaction told us all what it was!  His wife had presented him with a custom boudoir album.

He took his time looking through, obviously wowed by the gift and then took a second look.  Of course, he didn't share it with us!

The video light in this case was perfect for this challenging lighting situation.  It threw just the right amount of light on to the the groom's face and brought the background out of the deep shadows they would have been in.

You might wonder why I chose to shoot opposite the light rather than straight on.  By shooting against the light, you get a much more dramatic feel to the image and the tight framing gives you a great sense of the situation, while including all the essential elements.

I love this shot because you can feel the genuine interest and excitement he felt form receiving such a custom item.  The gentle smile on his tells you he loved it and was enamored by the beauty of his wife in the images.

The original plan for the wedding was to have it on the golf course, but Hurricane Hermine had different plans.  The wind and the rain caused the ceremony to be moved inside.

Despite the wedding being held during a full on hurricane, Greenbrier Country Club provide a beautiful backdrop for the wedding festivities.  The clubhouse for the 18-hole golf course had plenty of areas to create great images and the couple seemed oblivious to the weather and certainly didn't let it ruin their day.

Location: 1301 Volvo Parkway, Chesapeake, VA 23320.

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