Hampton inn brier creek money dance raleigh photography

Hampton inn brier creek money dance raleigh photography

The tradition of the "money dance" comes from Nigeria and is meant as to be a present for the bride and groom from all involved - a fun way of giving the newlyweds a financial start.  

This is the first of two times that I've seen it done and, truthfully, had to look it up to understand the origins and reasoning.  

That said, it was a lot of fun to watch and take in.  

As the bride and groom open the dance floor, a family friend broke out a stack of ones and start peeling them off.  

It's kind of interesting, but I don't think in either occasion the couple picked up any of the money.  The youngsters, however, weren't going to miss the chance to make a little extra cash.  

It was quite the scene, but everyone made the most of it.  

I used both on camera and off camera flash for this shot.  The off camera flash is out of frame to the left providing a nice side light, while the other light is on camera and bounced off the built in reflector card.  

The lights at this point were pretty bright, so killing them became a combination shutter speed and a lower than normal ISO. 

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