Fun Wedding Photographer in Raleigh NC

Fun Wedding Photographer in Raleigh NC

It was a glorious day for a wedding on this mid October Saturday.  Temperatures were cool, but not yet cold, and the sun shone without a cloud in the sky.  The getting ready was done and the bridal portraits and bridesmaids image were completed.

As my bride and her best friend walked back to leave for the venue, I realized the bride's father had cleaned up and polished his Firebird to drive to the ceremony venue, Grace Haven Baptist Church in Youngsville, NC.

I had only a split second to turn and grab this image before heading to the venue myself.  I watched as the best friend slowly and cautiously opened the door and assisted her friend into the car, ensuring that the wedding dress was neatly and completely inside the vehicle before giving a loving hug, kiss on the cheek and closing the door.

One of my favorite times while photographing a wedding is the time I spend with the bridal party.  It is truly fascinating to watch the emotion between the party members while learning how their relationship was built.  When you tie those relationships together in one place over such a great event in a gorgeous location, the images that result are touching and real.

Two friends on a wedding day with one simple act of love and care between them.

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