Father daughter wedding dance raleigh phtographer

Father daughter wedding dance raleigh phtographer

Weddings are about bonds.  Building new bonds, renewing old bonds, strengthening lifelong bonds and allowing some bonds to be replaced.  

First dances are always emotional, whether it's the couple's first dance, the mother-son or the the father daughter.  Sometimes, it's a dance of happiness, a relief that the day they have planned for for months is finally over and they are married.  

On the other hand, sometimes it's a thank you dance, one where you are saying you've done your job, now you have to let me go.  I like to think that the parent dances, while are part letting go, they also have a part that is reminder of "we are always here".  

This father-daughter dance, at the Preston-Woodall House in Benson, was filled a little of everything - smiles, laughs, tears and hugs - And that was from both parties.  Coupled with whispers between the father and daughter that no one could hear, the two danced slowly in a traditional manner, focused solely on each other.  It was a beautiful moment in the reception, as the two grabbed everyone's attention for a few brief moments.

It is these simple moments during a wedding that give a true glimpse into the human soul.  The emotions of two people, uniquely related, tell the story, not only of that day, but of a lifetime.

Location: Preston Woodall House, Benson, North Carolina.

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