Bridesmaids first look at Crabtree Marriott

Bridesmaids first look at Crabtree Marriott

First Looks during the wedding day are normally reserved for dads and husbands.  But every once in a while, no one (but the maid of honor) has seen the bride.  

For this Raleigh wedding, that happened to be the case and it led to this image.  

In the Presidential Suite at the Crabtree Marriott Raleigh, lots of window light was available, so I used that natural light to provide a slight rim light on the bridesmaids as they formed a semi-circle in front of the door and the bride walked out.  

Her bridesmaids, mother, flower girl and ring bearer loved how beautiful she looked in her stunning wedding dress!  You can see the smiles and happiness on there faces to as they take a moment to focus on the bride.  

Moments like this, while staged (I did get them into the semi-circle) show the power of taking a single moment and putting people where the image can tell the story.  

Almost completely candid, it provides a reactionary situation showing the power if taking a moment to set a stage and then letting the moment unfold before you.  

Without taking that time, the bridesmaids would have been scattered about the room and would have seen the bride individually rather as loving group of friends.

Location: Raleigh Crabtree Marriott, Raleigh, North Carolina.

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