Bride and Groom mirror reflection image

Bride and Groom mirror reflection image

One of the challenges in wedding photography is to find those couple shots during a wedding day that people don't see.  

Generally, when you have a couple getting married at a golf club, you have at your disposal a whole course to use.  That is unless a hurricane comes in on the wedding day and floods everything.

I had spent the day at the couple's new house with the bride, bridesmaids and their black lab.  I spent the time doing the getting ready pictures and the requisite bride and lab picture.

By the time we needed to leave for the venue, the rain was coming down in buckets.  Streets were flooded with inches of water running towards the drains.  So, being the gentleman that I am, I ran out side and moved several cars into the driveway to keep the bride and her ladies as dry as possible.

The drive to the venue was a bit slower than usual due to the rain.  Luckily, when I arrived, they had a covered entrance which allowed me to get all my gear out and keep it relatively dry.

After parking, I found the groom who had received a special pre-wedding gift from his bride - a boudoir book.  In the company of his groomsmen, he had a few minutes to look through the images.  And then do it again.  Of course, he kept the content to himself.

I then went and found my bride. We did some bridals in her dressing room and then I headed out to get ready for the ceremony.

Despite the howling winds and blowing rain, the indoor ceremony was beautifully decorated and lit.  Once completed, we rolled right into the formals and then the reception and first dance.

With the dance over, I had the opportunity to wonder around and see if I could find some compelling locations.  Since going outside was out of the question, I had to find something indoors.

And that's when I saw the mirror!  Just a simple mirror hanging on the wall by the bar.  I knew with the right angle, I could light them in a unique way and create a great image.

The biggest challenge with reflection shots, is keeping yourself out of them.  You have to keep the couple behind you, but with the confined space I had, that meant the flash had to been in front of me and facing both me and them, in that order.

Fortunately, I was able to raise the light stand high enough to get the light over my head and only on them.  To do this, I had to squat down slightly, while maintaining AF on the mirror, which in and of itself, can present a challenge.

The couple loved this special image of them on a day when the weather could have really caused some issues.  However, I was prepared and ready to deal with the rain.

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