bride and groom kiss photo raleigh photography

bride and groom kiss photo raleigh photography

I love to get the bride and groom alone for couple minutes right after the bridal party has finished their formals.  

It's a nice chance to grab some great shots before they get wrapped up in the reception and enjoying some time with family and friends.  The timing seems pretty natural, too, given that we're in the flow of taking pictures and the all the camera gear is set up ready to go.  

My plan when doing these images is two fold - be quick and be efficient.  

Despite the brighter background, I really liked this area for their formals.  

We did several different images during our few minutes here, but this one was completely candid.  As the couple hung out for second while I walked back to my spot, they shared a quick and touching kiss.  

Fortunately, right about the time they did, I reached my spot turned around and caught the kiss.  

Because the area was heavily shade, I had to use flash to bring ensure they were properly exposed.  The single flash was camera left about 10 feet from the couple and the lighting was spectacular.  

The image is a beautiful reminder of their love and their wedding day!

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