Backlit sunset raleigh wedding couple portrait

Backlit sunset raleigh wedding couple portrait

As the sun sets on hot and humid North Carolina days, you get a faint haze developing as you get closer to sunset, especially in rural, fielded areas of the state.  

With Starlight Meadows having numerous fielded areas on the property, your only real decision becomes which one.  

This wheat field just to the left of the ceremony site caught my eye and I immediately knew this was the spot to create a stunning wedding day portrait.  

As the bride and groom snuggled against each other and the sun set behind them, the sunlight filtered through the haze behind and around them.  

By using a combination of camera settings, I was able to darken the background, thus pronouncing the haze while also controlling the highlights falling on the couple from the sun at their back.  

To ensure that the couple's faces did not fall into complete shadow, I placed a off camera flash with standard reflector to their right, aiming it directly at them and providing the exact amount of flash to bring them out of shadow while not overpowering the details in the bride's beautiful wedding dress or the groom's white shirt.  

An excellent example of perfectly blending natural light with flash to create an instant portrait for hanging on their home's walls.

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