College colors creating a silhouette
Sparkler exit at Cedar Grove Acres
Post-wedding couple's picture at Durant Nature Preserve
Indoor Raleigh church backlit Wedding Kiss
Gorgeous sunset couple image
Leaving the Oaks of Salem in Bubbles
Bride walking down the aisle on a September Day
Ring Bearers and Flower Girls having some picture fun
Rainy day backlit silhouette kiss
Bride and groom holding hands after being pronounced
Couple's Portrait at Cedar Grove Acres in afternoon sun
Wedding day conversation between husband and wife
Hand-in-Hand wedding day beach walk
First look hug on their wedding day
Daughter walking mom down aisle wedding day photography
Fun Wedding Photographer in Raleigh NC

Raleigh Wedding Photographer

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Welcome to Blended Light Photography, a Raleigh based wedding and engagement photography provider.  I am delighted you have found me and are taking the time to look around at my work.

Image Collection

My wedding gallery is a collection of some of my favorite and most popular images.  They are chosen to help you see my style and view on a wedding day.  I create these images during real, client weddings - we never pull from a class or styled shoots.  They were made during the heat of the action.  Some will be dramatic; some will be naturally lit, others are captured using flash.  All the images are beautiful memories of a client’s wedding.

About Wedding Photography Costs

Raleigh weddings are as different and unique as the population of Raleigh is.  Some will be dazzling and lavish, while others will be on a tight budget.  Regardless of your wedding budget, you deserve the best photography you can afford.  This is not an area where you want to take a chance – remember these images should last a lifetime!  Your friend who just took pictures isn’t likely to understand enough to handle the challenging situations, the flow of a wedding or have the equipment to cover a wedding.  Neither will Uncle Bob.  Wedding photography doesn’t have to be super expensive, but likely won’t be dirt cheap if you value high-quality pictures.  Besides the travel time and the actual time of photographing your wedding, you consider that there is two times the number of hours at the wedding in processing, plus other expenses, including everyone’s favorite, taxes.  That’s why the average spend on a Raleigh wedding in 2016 was $2700 per The Knot Annual Bridal survey.

Wedding Venues in Raleigh

Venues for your wedding in Raleigh are plentiful.  You have high-end historic houses and plantations, churches, large-scale hotels and so on.  And that’s just in Raleigh!  If you branch out to Wake County or some of the surrounding counties, the list grows exponentially.  I’ve photographed at a few of the more popular sites, so below is a list of links to some venues you can check out:

Most of these are in the Raleigh or surrounding area.  Of course, if you are looking to get away from Raleigh, North Carolina is unique in that you could go to the beach or the mountains, whichever fits your style best!

Engagement Shoot Locations

I offer engagement sessions only for my wedding clients, my way of giving you something a little more unique and special.  I would encourage you to read more about general portrait locations here, but I’ll provide a quick summary.  I love for engagement shoots to be outside in the late afternoon.  My second favorite is early in the morning, as in when the sun is coming up.  Clothing?  Well, that’s optional.  Not really!  Dress for comfort and dress to be yourself.  By doing this, you’ll feel more natural, you’ll look more natural and you’ll be relaxed, all leading to some great images and a fun time!  I offer suggestions if needed, but prefer you pick something that is fun and descriptive of you!

Creating the Flow of Your Wedding Day

One of the big challenges for a lot of couples is developing their wedding day plan. This is the “Who’s where when and how long” of the day.  I offer to all my couples my input for ensuring a smooth flow and time for all the images they want.  I never require clients to follow my timeline.  However, I do share when I think the plan is beginning to limit the ability to capture all the photographs you want.  I want expectations and understanding to be set well in advance of the day.  One of the ways I help with this is my Wedding Day questionnaire, a comprehensive list of questions and information pertinent to your wedding day that help me understand who you are as individuals and a couple.  It also gives me an overview of the important guests and your wedding party.

My Promises to You

I appreciate greatly your considering me to be your wedding photographer.  My promise to you is that no one will provide you with better service or a more relaxed atmosphere than I will.  The day is yours, not mine.  It’s about your images, not building my portfolio.  It’s about me blending with your guests, not being a focal point.

I look forward to hearing from you and talking with you about your wedding day!

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