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TAC Swim Meet Reservations

Before and During the Meet

Pricing per Heat: $

What you receive: Each swimmer will receive the edited, digital images of their heat with a print release.

How to Register your Swimmer's Heat/s

Step 1: REVIEW. Look over the Image Gallery and decide if this is the image type you are looking for. I shoot tight images rather than loosely composed. Also, please be aware that this is a live sporting event. I cannot guarantee a specific "pose" nor can I guarantee that you swimmer's cap won't split mid-race or their goggles slide up their head. That's part of a live sporting event.

Step 2: REGISTER. Registration is done on a strict "First Come, First Served" basis. Registrations are numbered in the order of completion as well as date and time stamped. In the event multiple families sign up for the same heat, the first one who completed the registration gets the heat. I only photograph swimmers who have register either before the event or the day of. If you don't register, I don't shoot. PERIOD. If you are so confident that your swimmer will make finals and want to register them on day 1, I will allow that as long as you understand that should they not make it, no refund is given.

Step 3: PAY. Pay prior to the start of the Session(s) at my event booth at the meet. I hold pre-registration until 45 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE SESSION START. This means if you have not paid for your heat by 45 minutes to the start of the SESSION it will open up to other parents.

Rules and General Conditions

I only shoot one lane per heat. Sign up early and pay as soon as you get there. I cannot guarantee availability unless both parts are done. Additionally, please keep in mind that I open availability to ALL TEAMS participating in the meet.

All heats reservations include the edited files - you are not obligated to buy anything more. Average image count per heat is 5-10 edited images, possibly more. Many parents also order prints of their favorite shot that their swimmer loves. Prints make great gifts and are a wonderful way to cherish these days later in life.

As mentioned above, this is a live sporting event. Things happen during swim meets that are not within my control. I have seen caps split. I have seen caps come off. I have seen goggles get pushed from over the eyes. None of this is in my control. Refunds are not given for any reason. If you are interested in a specific shot, consider my underwater sessions where we can work diligently to get the exact image you want.

There are no refunds unless I miss your swimmers heat. While it is rare that this would happen, over 250-300 in a weekend, it is possible. Should this happen, please contact me.

After You Register

1. You will receive a confirmation email from Blended Light Photography within minutes of submitting your registration. If you do not, check your spam folder.

2. The email will give you the instructions of how to find your photos once they are posted and when to expect them. Take time to follow me on Facebook (Blended Light Photography) or on Instagram (@bradipock) as I will post a notice on both sites.

3. The confirmation email will show the information you provided during registration, including your personal password.

4. It takes approximately 1-2 weeks to post the images on the website.

5. I do not send an email when images are posted. Please check the website.

After the meet

How/when you get your images: It takes me a few days to sort and edit the images post-meet. The image galleries are typically posted within 1-2 weeks after the event. Images are available for one month from the date they are posted.

I do not send an email when the images are posted. You will have the instructions in the confirmation email you received when you registered for images. Check the website a few days following the event.

Galleries will be password-protected with the password you chose when you registered. If you have forgotten your password, your in luck - you can find it in the confirmation email you received after registration.

To access your images: Find your swimmer's gallery and enter the password you chose at registration to access the gallery. Click the "Download Gallery" button in the upper right and enter your email address twice. The images will be zipped and sent to you in an email with a folder of the images in a couple minutes. Once you open the zip file, you can save the images to your computer. It is important to make sure you make a backup copy via SD card, USB, other hard drive and so on. While I make all efforts to hold on to the completed images for, well, forever, I cannot guarantee they will always be available. Feel free to share with family and friends via social media - and be kind and tag me when you share them.

Ordering prints: I offer a 50% discount on prints for anyone who reserves a heat. Prints make a great way to preserve these memories for the long term. All prints ordered through me are professionally printed on archival paper and color corrected to match the file. In 15 years of business, I have never received a complaint about the quality of print my clients have received (and that's alot of prints).

That said, I cannot say the same about clients who have had my work printed elsewhere. Besides poor paper and ink quality, color matching and accurate reproduction are far more troubling. While you are welcome to order from someone other than me, I CANNOT guarantee the level of product quality or color reproduction of any prints not ordered through me.

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