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Swimming Session Pricing

Swim and Underwater Pricing

Indoor Underwater Photography Sessions - $600 plus tax

Indoor underwater sessions provide the dramatic images that you've seen through out the years from me. We cover all the strokes, dolphin kicks, backstroke dolphin kicks, dives and anything else you think of to add to the session. Sessions last about 30-40 minutes.

What You Get

I pride myself on making these sessions fun. Yes, they can be a lot of work (you're swimming, I'm pulling a wagon that weighs probably over 100 pounds full of all kinds of crazy stuff). But the end result will be so worth it!

Here's some of the other things to expect:

  • Detailed instructions on what to do and when
  • Lots of funny looks from your friends (until they see your images)
  • Funny looks from other swimmers in the pool (they'll think you're a superstar swimmer)
  • A dedicated and focused time of creating the shots you want
  • A clear understanding of the how's and why's (easier to do things if you understand why)
  • A gallery of around 35-45 edited images comprised of deck and underwater shots

These images are your's - nothing more to buy. Prints can be ordered through your gallery and delivered straight to your door. Wait, prints? Yes, prints. Here's a little article I wrote on why you should print al least some of your images.

The delivered images are your's to download in full resolution. They can be shared on social media (tag me!), can be sent to family and friends or used in anyway you want. It's your session and your images.

Outdoor Underwater Photography Sessions - $500 plus tax

With the added long course outdoor pool at Triangle Aquatic Center complete, I now can offer outdoor sessions! Outdoor session images are brighter, more detailed than the indoor images as I simply have a bigger light source - the sun! With the sun overhead, the light reflects off the bottom of the pool and creates gorgeous fill light to soften the shadows on the swimmer. Sessions last about 30-40 minutes.

What You Get

Outdoor sessions move a little faster than indoor sessions as there's no moving of lights or adjusting them to fit the shot we're trying to get. There's also no cords that I'm tied to, so we are free to move about the pool chasing the light - or the lack of light.

You'll get everything included in the indoor session, just more of it. Because I am no longer constrained by cords and recycle times on my flashes, I can shoot a higher frame rate in camera. That translates to different hand placements within a stroke, more subtle but noticeable changes and more images per set. In fact, the number of delivered images to yours a swimmer or a swim parent is almost doubled. You will receive around 80 edited pictures, showing the power with which you swim and ready to grace the walls of your room or home.

Combo Underwater Photography Session - $550 plus tax

Having a hard time choosing between the two? Why not do a combo session?

Combo underwater sessions give you the best of both worlds - about 30 minutes inside and 30 minutes outside. Obviously, these depend on outside pool staffing and weather, but it's the best way to get what you are used to seeing from Blended Light Photography and add the newer offering of being outdoors to for your session.

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