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Wake Forest Rolesville Underwater Photography

Wake Forest Rolesville Underwater Photography

Using natural light for swimming sessions outdoors is an effective way to capture some great images with a bit detail and mood.

This image was made in about 3.5-4 feet of water in the Zebulon Community Pool.  With the sun not quite directly overhead, the light filtered through the ripples creating the dramatic shadows lining the sides and bottom of the pool.

The freestyle swim, probably the best known and most practiced, is the basic stroke most people start with.  You smoky kick with your lower legs while pulling hard through the water column with cupped hands.

Maggie was gracious enough to run through the stroke a couple times to allow me to get her timing down, while I emphasized making sure she was using good form in the stroke.

The key to capturing this image underwater is being able to time the stroke such that the hand closest to me is not blocking her entire face.  As you see in this image, Maggie's arm, while it does cover some of her face, doesn't block her eyes, which stare down the lane towards the wall.

Also important in this image are the bubbles right in front of her face, showing she is exhaling underwater as she swims, preparing for her breath at her favored stroke interval.

The sun provides a great shadow on her the bottom of the pool as an added bonus and you can feel the power with which she is kicking from the trailing bubble stream.

A touch of post-process to add some water color and warm her up a bit and we have created a fantastic and technically superb underwater shot for this graduating senior.

Location: Wake Forest, NC.

1/1600; f/5.0; ISO 200; 24.0 mm.

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