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Virginia Swimmer Captured Underwater at Christiansburg Aquatic Center

Christiansburg Aquatic Center, located in Christiansburg, Virginia and surrounded by the rolling hills of the Blue Ridge mountains, was a perfect setting for this underwater session for a high school senior who had swam her entire life.

Shot from a low angle in the deepest part of the CAC competition pool where they host diving competitions, the ability to place distance between myself, the swimmer and the rear wall of the pool was key to being able to isolate her against the lane lines and surroundings.

She was a freestyler, so we used that stroke as the basis for this particular image.

I had her swim the stroke straight towards the wall and used a deck mounted strobe to provide the lighting to really make her standout from the pool water. It didn't hurt that her brightly colored suit made her easy to focus on and really bring out of the darker surroundings.

Swim sessions, designed to capture the beauty of the sport and each stroke, are some of my most popular and are highly sought after by parents wanting to capture those lasting moments of their high school or collegiate seniors swimmers.

Interested in booking? Reach out to me and we can work together to find a location and create a set of these timeless images for you and your special swimmer!

Location: Christiansburg, VA.

1/125; f/5.0; ISO 400; 24.0 mm.

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