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Top Underwater Swimming Photography Winston Salem

Photographing underwater is a combination of things - timing, understanding, lighting and exposure.

Being able to hold your breath is pretty important too, but a little less so than the others.

Because this image was created in an indoor competition pool with low lighting, my exposure knowledge meant that I would have to work with flash to freeze the action.

Starting from the wall, I had my swimmer backstroke directly at me, just a few feet to be exact. Because the depth of this pool is 13 feet, I was able to take a lower angle to really get under her and show the full stroke, from hands to feet.

My main camera flash was set to put light on her, with a secondary flash aimed to light the wash she created as she moved effortlessly through the water.

This is an example of perfect timing - an image created when the swimmer is in the best position for both lights to do their assigned job.

While it doesn't happen on every shot, images like this one show the challenge of being underwater and trying to photograph a moving target and capture that perfect position - one where the main hand is opposite where I am in the water and the face, or in this case, the swim cap, can clearly be seen.

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Location: Winston Salem, North Carolina.

1/250; f/4.5; ISO 160; 24.0 mm.

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