Roanoke VA Deck Image of High School Senior Swimmer
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Roanoke VA Deck Image of High School Senior Swimmer

Roanoke Virginia Swimmer Deck Portrait

Working with swimmers, you meet a range of swimmers at different ages and talent levels. I've worked with swimmers as young as 7 and some who continued their swimming career as part of their triathlete training.

Most of my senior swimmers are heading to college to swim with any number of colleges. This was the first swimmer that I have worked with that had qualifying times for the 2020 Olympic Trails.

I like to have my swimmers do their deck portrait in a tougher pose and stance, which we had already done.

But qualifying for Trials is a exciting event and opportunity. So we shed the tough exterior and created this much happier and warm image.

Distancing Olivia from the back interior wall of the pool while using strobes to illuminate her, I was able to create a huge fall off of the light behind her - rendering the background completely black.

With my main light boomed high and slight camera right, the lighting softly falls off across her body from right to left, allowing shadows to create dimension on her body.

These deck shots are highly popular with both swimmers and their parents. Contact me to get your session scheduled today.

Location: Williamsburg, VA.

1/200; f/8.0; ISO 100; 200.0 mm.

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