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In a split second, divers go from fully loaded to launch to airborne in a streamlined position ready to hit the water and immediately start their swim.From still to moving in slightly under .1 second.

The start in swimming is the beginning of a display of power, grace and speed. Often overlooked when compared to the underwater acrobatics and above surface strokes we all watch on TV,

However, this simple start can have huge importance when swim heats are won by hundredths of a second.

This was a special request from my client. She loved her start and entry and she wanted a image of her coming off the blocks.

Normally a easy picture to get, this one had a issue we had to overcome - the large window in the background.

With the rest of the pool being used, this was the only block we had access to. If I exposed for the swimmer, the window was completely obliterated, while exposing for the window meant we would have nothing more that a silhouette.

This is where having flash on hand made life a little easier. With a flash to her right and in front and one to the left and behind, I was able to cross light her against the window and capture this stunning image.

On the first try, you ask? No, but I did on the second.

Interested in having your start or favorite stroke captured? Let's talk!

Location: Raleigh, NC.

Keywords: diving, indoor pool, swimming. 1/3200; f/4.0; ISO 100; 24.0 mm.

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