Photograph of Swimmer in Greensboro North Carolina
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Photograph of Swimmer in Greensboro North Carolina

If you are a swimmer of any age or experience level, you know what this picture is of.

Now whether it excites you or makes you shutter, that's personal.

This is the butterfly, often referred to as the most painful and tiring of all the swim strokes.

It is a stroke that requires almost 360 degree arm rotation with power to pull from straight in front and fire your body through the water.

If that's not enough, while you do that, your core muscles and legs are doing mini-dolphin kicks under the water.

You head stays tucked on one stroke and up for air on the next. Sometimes, it's the third stroke before you breathe.

While it's not the fastest race stroke (that would be freestyle), it is considered by many to be the most fun to watch, the most powerful of all and, in my case at swim meets, the most challenging to photograph.

It is the stroke that, as a photographer on pool deck level, you want to get the shot with parallel arms out of the water in mid-stroke. It's also the one you tend to run out time room on and requires you carry that second camera and shorter lens.

Underwater, though, it is that power that you are hoping to capture - the moments right before the arms hit the water and moment they come crashing through.

The butterfly is proof the swimming gods wanted one extremely tough stroke.

Flyers are a special bred and deserve these powerful images. Connect with me and let's get you some!

Location: Greensboro, NC.

1/250; f/5.6; ISO 200; 24.0 mm.

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