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Greensboro Underwater Swimming Photographer

Swimming for this high school senior was a year round event that began when he was 8. This pool represented where learned to swim and spent his summer days practicing.

Despite having his nicer year-round pool to do his senior swim pictures in, he chose to do them where he grew up learning.

It amazes me sometimes the thought that goes into some of my swimmers images. It can be anything from choosing that little pool you grew up in to researching the specific shots you want duplicated during your underwater session.

This image was created on a midsummer day in the late morning. The sun was beaming down from above, giving harsh light everywhere but in the pool.

This image was shot right at the drop off point from the swimming lanes to the diving well. By using this area, I was able to get a lower vantage point in the water, staying just on the other side of the separating marker.

By changing the vantage point, it also created a sense that the pool is deeper than is really was. In fact, the lane depth was only about 4 feet, but looks much deeper due to my being farther away and a little deeper than my swimmer.

Summer is a great time to get in the pool and create your underwater pictures.

Location: Greensboro, NC.

1/1600; f/6.3; ISO 200; 24.0 mm.

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