Greensboro Indoor Pool Swimming Image
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Greensboro Indoor Pool Swimming Image

Outdoor pools have so much natural light bouncing around that it's easy to create awesome swimming images. You have main light, oil light and plenty of shutter speed to freeze even the smallest drops of water from the swimmers stroke.

Indoor pools, though, are a different story.

More often than not, the lighting is poor, almost non-exsistent once you dive below the surface.

However, with skillfully placed lighting and a knowledge of how to use that lighting, you can use shutter speeds that would normally make a subject blurry and easily freeze that movement.

This image is a great example of that.

Let's be honest first - if you walked into this venue as a swimmer, you wouldn't complain about the lighting. However, I'm not swimming - I'm photographing.

Using a low ISO, medium aperture and photographing at my camera's sync speed (1/250th of a second), I placed my lighting exactly where it needed to be to provide the illumination for my swimmer.

These above water swimming pictures take a couple tries t get right as I have look through the viewfinder and guess if the swimmer is in the right spot at the right time in their stroke.

By laying on the pool deck with the camera hovering just above the surface of the water, the low angle allows me to add water to the foreground, filled with a nice reflection of my swimmer. And the lighting, strategically placed, ensures that the busy background disappears into blackness.

If you're a swimmer looking for the full action photography experience, email me so we can to work on capturing you in action!

Location: Greensboro, NC.

1/250; f/8.0; ISO 100; 200.0 mm.

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