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Fun Swimming Photography Greensboro NC

There's something about photographing young swimmers that just has to make to you smile.

As I do with all my swimming photography sessions, I encourage my swimmers to the this time in the pool to focus on technique and less on speed.

I encourage symmetry of the arms, smooth and rolling body movements and swift yet controlled kicks.

For older swimmers, they understand swim slyer but more technical. Younger swimmers haven't quite gotten there yet.

I had previously photographed this swimmer at her mother's request during a meet at Triangle Aquatic Center in Cary. Being so young, I know she was fairly speedy. I also knew, like most young swimmers, the desire and talent for their strokes were somewhat limited by their body's strength and the understanding of how to use it.

For my above-the-surface butterfly shots, I always encourage a little higher burst out of the water and a focus on keeping those arms in parallel. Having shot this young swimmer before, I thought she might have a little trouble with the burst.

Boy was I wrong! At just the exact moment when I needed her to surface and get that big breath of air right in front of my flash, she came bursting out of the water like a humpback whale breeching in the ocean.

It took a couple attempts to get it, but this was certainly the top image from her fly - above water anyway.

I love being in the water and creating these lasting memories or where you start or where you finish.

Contact me today to learn more and hopefully we can get you doing this too!

Location: Greensboro, North Carolina.

1/250; f/5.0; ISO 100; 200.0 mm.

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