Charlotte Swimmer butterfly stroke in competition pool
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Charlotte Swimmer butterfly stroke in competition pool

Charlotte Underwater Swimming Sessions

For high school seniors, senior pictures are right of passage. Most sports are fairly easy to capture, whether you are trying for pictures of them in their uniform or creating action shots.

Underwater images for swimmers requires a completely separate type of gear.

While you can use the same camera and lenses you do in everyday work (provided you have a wide angle lens), you'll need to find a way to protect that gear underwater through the use of housing and port system.

If that's not enough, dramatic indoor pool images require the use of off camera flash, which means you're housing has to be able to trigger lights while you are underwater.

For this image, I used a Sony 24mm on a Sony A7iii camera body, carefully placed in a housing and port system made for that camera and lens combination. My housing is from Aquatech, which allows me to connect a flash sync cord to the housing and then the trigger on the deck to pop the flash units.

From there, it's working out timing with the swimmer and his/her stroke. As beautiful as butterfly is above water, it's even more gorgeous to see it shot from underwater.

If you are a swimmer or have a swimmer and are interested in creating a gallery of images like this, send me an email and we can get working on their session.

Location: Charlotte, NC.

1/125; f/3.2; ISO 400; 24.0 mm.

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