Blended Light Photography

Swimming and Underwater Photography Sessions

If swimming is your sport of choice, congratulations on choosing one of the toughest sports on planet Earth. That's a personal opinion of course.

Swim sessions revolve around you and the skills you have developed. It is the one time in the pool where you'll be less focused on speed and more focused on the mechanics of the stroke.

I include both above and under water images with emphasis on the fly and breast strokes above water and add in free and backstroke under. We'll also spend time creating turn pictures and those awesome dolphin kick images coming from the turn - the solo shot of you training in an empty pool!

Additionally, I leave time for you to be creative and add some poses you might have found that you think are interesting.

Enjoy the gallery of images below and feel free to contact me with any questions!

Creation of the Underwater and Swimming Images

A number of factors go into creating each of the images you see above.

Those factors include, but aren't limited to:

  • - Whether the session is indoor or outdoor, which directly affects lighting and drama
  • - The surrounding environment, which defines what I can do above water
  • - Other people in the pool, which creates timing considerations (especially if there are kids around)
  • - Depth of the pool water, which will affect the darkness of the water and the overall look of the images
  • - Your stamina and effort

While they are all important and can have hugely varying effects on the final image, effort is the one consistent.

Poor effort equals poorer quality images. While speed isn't important to me for this type of session (as opposed to a swim meet where you better swim as fast as you can), it can't be captured. A fast swim and a slow swim look the exact same underwater through the camera lens.

What can be captured is how powerfully you kick or how powerfully you pull. In the above water work, this results in hands being seen at water level on your breast stroke and symmetry on your fly.

Under the pool surface, it's seen in the water displacement during your pulls and the wake you leave behind you.

While I don't want this to feel like practice or have the tiring effects of such, it is a like a mini-practice. We swim, repeat, swim and repeat - we just do it over a lot shorter distances. Each swimmer is different and therefore requires a different timing on my part.

I'm glad to talk with you about the session beforehand and give you all the information I can to help you decide on the right swimming venue to use. In fact, I discuss it quite a bit in my FAQs.

But effort is something I can't help you with. That comes from inside and the desire to make you images awesome!

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