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Swim Meet Heat Reservation FAQs

Heat Reservation FAQs for Swim Meets

If you are interested in the details of heat reservations for swim meets held at Triangle Aquatic Center, this is the place for you!

1. "How Far in advance are reservations allowed or accepted?"

Once a meet is added to the reservation form, it becomes a live event and registration is open.

2. "How do you handle multiple reservations?"

If a specific heat has multiple reservations or if it conflicts with another heat, I will always shoot the person who signed up first based on the submission time of the form. Hence, register as early as you can as I am often very busy on race days.

3. "Is there any stroke you don't shoot?"

Yes - I will not shoot a short course 50 freestyle, especially for older swimmers. The speed of this race and the lack of anything more than aswim cap sticking out of the water makes this a poor choice for shooting. If you want a freestyle heat shot, I suggest picking a longer race or picking a IM.

4. "Are there other suggestions you make in regards to better strokes for photography?"

Excellent question! Butterfly and breast stroke are always top performers as they are coming more out of the water, making it easier to focus. Backstroke is similar though it often has some limitations (especially during short course). Freestyle is the toughest to shoot from a meet perspective. The shorter the race, the less opportunity (see Question 3). I suggest parents look at freestyle as a bonus on the IM.

5. "Are you in the water?"

No. USA Swimming regulations prohibit anyone from being in the water during a race.

6. "What do we receive and how long does it take?"

Parents receive a gallery of edited files from their swimmer's heat/s. These files are edited and ready to print. While I do not require that you print through me, I do recommend for quality purposes. I guarantee prints ordered through me, I do not guarantee prints made elsewhere. Most swim meets are turned and delivered to parents within 1-2 weeks.

7. "We love your underwater work! Can you do a session while we are here?"

In the past, the answer has always been "No", more because I never really thought it. However, in the event that a meet has a morning session and evening session, but no afternoon session, it is possible that this can be arranged. Session between events are limited and I recommend contacting me in advance of the meet to talk and see if there is pool availability.

8. "How do we pay?"

If there is no potential conflict between pre-registrants, I can invoice you before the meet. If there are any potential conflicts or you register within 1 week of the event, you will need to come by my booth during the event and make payment.

9. "Do you ever miss a heat or make a mistake?"

If I said no, I'd be lying. Things happen - miscount the lanes, don't get the information, simply read the schedule wrong. All of them have happened to me during the year. Quite frankly, I go out of my way to make sure it doesn't happen, but I'm human. When it does happen, I can assure you I am thoroughly embarassed and completely remorseful. In the event it does happen, I will either (a) refund your money with no questions asked, or (b) shoot them in another event.

10. "Forget the heats, I want more information on the underwater sessions!"

Well, I cannot say I blame you as this is what I am known for. Here's the Pricing and here's the FAQs. If you are interested in bringing me in to shoot your team, whether super tough studio style or as underwater minis, you can more information on my Swim Minis Page.

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