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Who is Brad?

An avid sports fan, I grew up playing sports like any boy would - flag football, soccer, baseball. When I reached my teens, I found myself to be a little taller than most and focused on basketball. I was a 4-year high school player, a 3-year starter and all-county my senior year. Besides basketball, I also lettered in baseball and soccer. While I didn't play in college, I remained an active basketball player through pickup games and intramural refereeing in basketball and softball.

I understand the dedication and the sacrifice athletes give to training to be the best they can and working to make their team better. I put this same dedication and involvement into boosting your sports and underwater photography to unforgettable levels. We work together as a team to bring the images together and make them stunning and spectacular!

Why offer sports photography? Isn't this like my senior pictures?

Think that if you want to! These sessions will get you moving in the way you play your sport. Think of them more than game pictures with a flair!

With my daughter now participating in sports, I've realized the same poses I did in high school are the same ones she's doing. You mean to tell me in 25 years since I finished school, no one's changed that? Yep, that's what I'm saying!

If you want your sports memories to be kneeling with a ball, well - that's your decision. However, I believe you might enjoy something a little different!

Picture this: You're a receiver on the football team. Your job is to catch the ball when it's thrown to you. Do you want a picture of you on a knee with the ball or one of your diving, energized, for the most important catch of the game? I guess you want the latter!

Is it easy to capture this? No, it's not! It will take over one shot, over one try. Might take several. But perfectly timed, you'll have a vibrant memory of you in the position you play to reflect on as you continue to march into your destiny!

Ready to hear more?

Whether you play football, golf, volleyball or ride horses, we'll create some awesome images with Blended Light Photography's Sports sessions!

You train hard and play hard, so let's create stunning images to show the effort you've put into a sport!

If you're in high school, you'll at some point get the obligatory picture of you holding a ball, kneeling down on the field or court. But is that how you play? Is this what you want your sports images to be?

Let's take it up a notch! Let's get some sweat going! Let's add movement and effort! Let's create the dramatic pictures so you have the rest of your life to remember those game days!

Maybe you want some fitness images for your blog or your website. I can do that! Let's take your vision and needs and work together to create pictures to sell who you are and how you want to be seen by others!

Serving all of Onslow County and North Carolina, I aim to create stunning and dramatic sports and underwater photography, by controlling light and adding it where I need it, not letting it control me.

These sessions aren't for the weary (I call them "mini-workouts") as we'll sweat together and work hard. But when you see your finished product, it will all be worth it!

So, what now?

If I have your attention and you're willing to put in the effort, then contact me here, and we'll get moving on creating something utterly awesome!

For faster and more personal response, call me - (252)341-0974!

9225 Ashton Glen Drive, Zebulon, NC 27597 - (252) 341-0974 - Call Today