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Sports FAQs

While I probably won't cover everything you can think of, my intent is answer some of the most popular questions I get regarding these sessions. If you have a question, I don't answer, feel free to contact me and I'll get it answered as quickly as possible.

And away we go!

"What is a Sports Session?"

Sports sessions take your average portrait session and make it a moving production. No leaning against a tree or simply wearing your football jersey. You're going to move, run, dive, swing and whatever else you do in your sport! Think of it as practice with pictures.

"I'm tired. Can we take a break?"

So, I won't tell your coach you just asked me that. Yes, breaks are welcome. Just ask!

"How long do these last?"

Sports sessions are generally about 1-2 hours. Prior to your session, we'll have discussed what you want in these pictures and we go into the session with a game plan and image list. We'll basically go until we get all the images on the list. Sometimes, it's quick. Other times, a little slower.

"Can I bring a friend?"

Sure you can! A lot of times, we need someone to throw or kick balls or play the off-camera role of teammate. Obviously, mom or dad can do that, but friend or team mate is often a excellent replacement.

"Should I do anything to prepare?"

Be rested and drink plenty of fluids. If you can arrive before I do, run a couple laps and get a little sweat going. If you are injured, we need to talk before the day of your session. Let's not ruin a session because you are already hurt and reaggravate that injury.

"Do you give instructions?"

Yes and no. Yes, I'll define the shot we are looking for and what we need to do to get it. No, I'm not going to walk you through it or do any posing that looks unnatural.

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