Young teen working on her equestrian jumping technique
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Young teen working on her equestrian jumping technique

Horses are amazing creatures!  Whether they are built for work, simple riding, or, in this case, jumping, they are huge athletic animals and beautiful to watch.

I had the amazing privilege to work with this young lady at Triple R Farms in Franklinton, NC on a balmy July afternoon.  She had tried other sports, but never found her heart's desire - until she started riding.

Only a couple short years into jumping, she was well educated in horse behavior as well as the jumping aspect of equine sports.

I warmed up by taking some time to use my studio strobes around Paisley, her 10-year old colt, to ensure that she was comfortable with both me and the flash popping.  We used this time to create some intimate portraits of the two of them interacting together.  Once both she and I felt Paisley was comfortable, we headed to the training ring.

While I set up, Brianna and Paisley took some time to get warmed up and stretched out for their performance.

Once I had my lights in place and metered out, paisley put on a show of single and double jumps as the summer sun began to fade.

We used different angles, shot some tight and some lose, before turning my attention to the sunset that was about to take place.

A quick move of my lighting gear and a couple test shots for accuracy and metering, we worked quickly to create an image that capture the rider and her horse jumping against the beautiful sunset.

This image is the last one I took of the night.  Some slight processing work and we created a winner for both rider and Paisley to be proud of.

Location: Triple F Farms, Franklinton, NC.

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