Young swimmer learning her strokes and diving
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Young swimmer learning her strokes and diving

For most of us, water and swimming are a little intimidating at first.  From learning to float, keeping your belly up, how to breath and maintaining good form, it seems like a never ending whirlwind of learning that we will never catch up to.  But, like riding a bike, we figure it out and catch on fairly quickly.

Raleigh is in her first year of swim team, actually her first 7 weeks.  She's gone from not knowing how to swim at all to being very comfortable in the water.

This was taken during a practice session as she was working on her dive from the side of the pool and then swimming freestyle to the other end (roughly 33 yards).

Despite full sunlight hitting the pool water,  there's no reflection of the surface ripples on the sides because she's in the deep end of the pool.

One of the advantages of underwater photography for swimmers is you get to see what you are actually doing, right or wrong, during your stroke. 

In this case, the young swimmer has her fingers spread rather than cupped, which reduces the amount of pull you get during your arm stroke.  Think of it as running water through a strainer.

This a was fun session to take some shots at, as it was the first time I shot underwater.  Great example of letting the light do it's job while adding a touch of warmth and crispness in post.

Location: Raleigh, NC.

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