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Top UNC Chapel Hill Senior Photography Image

Top UNC Chapel Hill Senior Photography Image

With all the different options available for senior images at UNC-Chapel Hill, you can get caught up in trying to get them all in the session.  

When you do this, there is a tendency to overlook some of the other beauty on the campus.  Full of large and mature trees, the campus can look rather shaded and dark.  

For this shot, I looked for something a little different among the stand of large oaks.  With the sun beginning it's descent down, it produced a gorgeous sliver of light amongst the buildings and trees.  

Rather than place my senior facing the sun, I turned her so that the sun on her back would place a rim light across through her hair and silhouette.  

To expose for her face, I could normally just overexpose the image to get her skins tines correct.  With this location though, doing that would have turned the green grass almost white.  

To preserve that coloring, I used an off camera flash to her right, shot through a large soft box.  The flash's light produced a gorgeous natural looking tone, lifting her out of shadows and creating this stunning senior portrait.  

A great memory for all the hard work of a Masters degree!

Location: UNC-CH, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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