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Raleigh's Best ECU Senior Photographer

Raleigh's Best ECU Senior Photographer

During your college career, it's highly likely that there are two or three locations that you spend a lot of time doing work in.

One of those locations is probably the building that houses your major, where you spend the bulk of your week learning about the subject you've chosen to study. For many majors, the library will be the other.

A Little About Joyner Library

For East Carolina students, Joyner Library is the home to all the periodicals and research materials you could need as well as several study areas.

The outside of the library features a very nice water wall and clock on one end, while the other end features talk columns and chimes each time a student walks under it.

The white steps leading up to this entrance make a great and casual location for seniors to do some session images.

It's a beautiful location to have my seniors either sit or stand for a portrait.

Creating the Perfect Picture

Combining the steps of the library with the columns and openness in the background, finding a great image by Joyner shouldn't be that hard.

On this particular day, the library was unusually busy.

With the constant hustle and bustle of the entrance, Tanner wanted to create something a little more subdued and individualized.

Using the library walkway as a background was going to be too busy. If I flipped things around and shot into main campus, I had a similar situation.

While the main entrances and walkways were steadily being used, I noted that the secondary walkways were relatively empty.

I had Tanner move the steps towards the less traveled walkway.

She sat casually and comfortably, turning herself towards the camera while holding her decorated cap.

Tucking her legs behind her kept her body condensed, but without cutting off features.

Just out of frame, I placed my strobe and modifier to be the main light source for her.

I was able to light her completely and really separate her from the darker treed and shaded background, while balancing the flash with the beauty of the natural light falling on the steps.

So, How Much Time did I Spend in Joyner?

Being a ECU undergrad and graduate student, I love being able to get back to campus for these sessions each year.

I walk the same paths I took to class. I sit in some of the same areas I sat as a student. I remember the felling of being in campus.

I remember doing a session for a group of sorority sisters one time and they all talked about how they lived in the library, constantly studying, doing group work, writing research papers.

Which is funny to me.

I can count on one hand the number of times I went into Joyner as a student. Truth be told, I can only actually remember one time and it was working on a group project in a private room.

Now no one ever accused me of being a study freak, so that might be part of it. It could be that I was married and never had to go on campus except for attending class.

But, I remember the bells as I walked across campus and can understand why the location is so important for student.

ECU students, if you are interested in a awesome and funny session with t fellow graduate, shoot me an email. I love to get back to campus and work with my fellow Pirate alumni!

Location: East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina.

1/250; f/2.8; ISO 50; 85.0 mm.

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