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Senior Session FAQs

Senior Session Questions

NC State senior enjoying a laugh in our senior session
  • "Cap and Gown or not?"

I, personally, like to do a little of both.

The cap and gown ones are important as graduation ceremonies will likely be held at night and that's probably not going to lead to the best images of you in your attire.

I also like to do some without, preferring to show you in a more natural setting, the way most people know you.

So, I like both!

Keep in mind, just because you have it and don't wear it doesn't mean we can't use it in pictures. If you take a look at the image above, there's no gown, but the cap and honor cords are present. Caps and gowns make great props for giving meaning to your session images!

  • "Other than my cap and gown, what should I wear?"

Dress naturally. What would you wear to class? What would you wear out and about? This isn't a fashion shoot - it's a reflection of you. So be yourself!

  • "Can I have multiple outfits?"

Absolutely! Most seniors bring 2-3 outfits and change between locations or just take a break and change. Having that extra outfit gives you options and choices and allows you blend yourself into environment if one outfit doesn't truly fit a certain location.

  • "Do you supply props/glitter/etc...?"

I do not. Glitter is one of those props that is really fun to shoot, but may take a couple tries to get perfected. Same with champagne and poppers, so you might want to bring extra. You are free to bring all the props you want and we'll work them in. Just have a plan for them!

  • "Any suggestions for where I should do my Senior Portraits?"

Glad you asked! Here's a article I wrote recently detailing some of the places I've shot seniors and some ideas on other options that will stoke your creativity! Take time to view your pictures in your head and think about what you envision. That's the best way to create a starting point.

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