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Print Pricing for Swim Meets

Swim Meet Print Price List

Traditional Print Pricing

Print Products (Ordered directly through the website after the meet if not included in your package, printed on lustre paper and delivered straight your door):

Banner with Swimmer's Name$15

Inset Images

1 Image$20
2 Images (8x10 or larger)$40
3 Images (only on 16x24)$50


4x6, 5x7, 8x10

Other sizes

Each size listed above is the paper size. For prints larger than 8x10, there is a roughly .2" border on all sides. This border allows more of the image to show through when framed.

If you have a special request, such as a 13x19 image printed on 16x24 paper, the cost will be the price of the smaller print plus 25% (13x19 on 16x24 paper would be $50 x 1.25, or $62.50).

All traditional print products are printed in my office and shipped via USPS. I use a Canon Pixma Pro-1000 printer, which prints using 12 different ink cartridges on sizes ranging from 4x6 to 16x24.

Images are shipped in sturdy cardboard envelopes after allowing them sufficient time to dry. My intent is to ship your order as quickly as I can, normally within a week from receiving the order. However, please understand that some weeks are much busier for me than others and I greatly prefer to not have prints sitting over the weekend or holidays. For this reason, I generally will not ship on Thursday or Fridays.

Traditional prints are printed beautiful lustre paper, which helps prevent glares when framed. Images are color corrected to by the printer to match the files sent and will replicate the images you see on your screen in stunning beauty.

All print products are ordered straight through the website and delivered to your door. There will be no need to meet up with me to receive your prints. On the rare occasion, that you receive a print that is damaged in shipping (it's happened 1 time in 15 years), simply contact me and I will get your product replaced.

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