Raleigh Fall Senior Portrait

Raleigh Fall Senior Portrait

Raleigh Fall Senior Portrait

Late afternoon sun is always some of the best light available for portrait photography.  I especially love late afternoon fall and winter light.  It has such a warm feeling to it and creates some spectacular background light.

I was really excited by this senior session just outside of Raleigh.  We had done some shots at the high school and the she wanted some images made at her grandmother's.  So, we hit the road and headed over there.

With about an hour of daylight left, I surveyed the surroundings, looking for some choice locations.  She had requested some images with her clarinet as band had played a huge role in her high school years.

As I looked around, her mother mentioned that this fence was really special as her daughter had helped build it, hole by hole and board by board.  With that information, I decided this would be a great spot for a senior picture and a great way to combine the past with the present.

Holding her clarinet, I had her lean gently on the fence and left the sun fill in the shadow directly behind her.  It also acted as a nice rim light to offset my flash, which illuminated the front of my high school senior.

Grandma, mom and daughter all loved the image and what it represented to them as they prepared to go on with bigger things in life.

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