Best Greenville photographer ECU library steps
Fall backdrop for a senior session with flash
Umstead Park senior session with against old stone wall
Trustees Fountain at ECU Senior Portrait
Senior Picture at library steps at ECU
ECU mall senior picture for education major
NCSU Textile graduate senior portrait
Raleigh Fall Senior Portrait
Greenville photograph Senior in front of sorority house
Chapel Hill Senior Photography

Raleigh Senior Portrait Photographer

Congratulations on your impending graduation!  Whether you are a rising high school senior or a college graduate, you have almost completed a great step in your life.  Now the time to document it!  My name is Brad Ipock, owner of Blended Light Photography.  I am thrilled you’re visiting my site and hope you’ll enjoy the gallery of image you’ll see here!

About my Senior Sessions

Seniors sessions are completely about you.  The subject is you.  The focus is your achievement.  These sessions capture who you are and what you’re all about.  They are relaxed, fun, personal and beautiful.  I truly love working with seniors, learning about who they are, what drives them, where they are going in life and the story of how they got there.

Ohhh, The Places We’ll Go

Little Dr. Seuss humor there!  Location can tell a lot about you as a person and what is important to you.  I wrote an article with some thoughts about locations, so I won’t list out 15 places for you to consider.  In fact, it is rare that I have a senior who doesn’t know where they want the session.  See, seniors know their hangouts, the places that move them and how it fits in their life.  They know what they want their session to look like and what they are going to wear.  They just need someone there to do a little directing, add those finishing touches and bring out their best and most natural.

When to do the session

Most high school seniors schedule their session in the fall or spring, depending on whether they want images with their gown or not and when it comes in.  Other considerations for scheduling include if you have a cutoff for your yearbook, favorite time of the year, when you plan to send out invitations and so on to name a few.  I have found most of my seniors either choose fall for the colors or spring to have their gown and the spring time weather.

College seniors work on a much more flexible time plan.  Some include images with their announcements, which tends to be the biggest driving factor.  For those that aren’t planning to do so, there is complete flexibility.  I have done college seniors 2 months before graduation, 2 days before and 2 weeks after.  The thing to pay attention to here is how busy campus is during the time you want to do them.  Springtime Saturdays bring out photographers, classmates and students and college associations tend to do events during this time of the year.  Weekdays sessions provide a lot of possibilities and availability of some of those treasured moments you want images of.

Gowns are optional

I would never force someone to wear their gown for all their pictures.  Nor would I want them to completely ignore their gown.  I break my senior sessions into two parts:  with it and without it.  Some locations look great with you in your gown and others work better without.  I’ve also found that seniors like to use the gown as somewhat of a prop, throwing it over a shoulder or folding it across their arms.  Any of these are acceptable, so it depends on your tastes.

I like Groups

Individual sessions give ultimate camera time, but groups just make it more fun.  Two or three of your best friends and it’s laughs upon laughs with 100% of your personality coming out.  When coming with a group, there’s a couple suggestions that I provide to make things go smoothly:

  • Pick a single contact – all communication, payments and delivery of the images goes through this person
  • Know where you want to go as a group and individually – planning is key to keeping the session running smoothly and efficiently
  • Plan your group images – I’m pretty good at getting the individuals and making sure everyone gets equal camera time.  Knowing what you want as group helps me in planning.
  • Color coordinate, but don’t – You’re doing group pictures, so make sure your colors blend nicely
  • Everybody get your makeup and hair done – I have run into this before, so make sure you all do your hair and makeup or someone is going to standout

Making the most of your time

As I mentioned above, an efficient senior session will be well planned.  You’ll know the specific sites you want to use and have a plan for getting to them.  You can’t often hit everything, so do the most important spots first.  That way, if something gets cut off the list, it is not a big deal.  Senior sessions generally include a good bit of walking, so keep that in mind when planning your route.

I hope that you have found this information helpful in looking forward to your session.  My goal is to ensure that you have a great time and walk away knowing that your images are exactly what you want.  You’ve reached a milestone through loads of hard work.  I’ll handle it from here!

I looking forward to talking with you about you plans and giving you a fun senior session!

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