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Greenville NC Toddler photography

Greenville NC Toddler Photography

Nothing elicits joy and smiles like a newborn!  Life is so new, so simple, everything is one big adventure! 

They wear cute clothes, cute hair bands for the girls, long shaggy hair for the boys, and, generally, can't do anything wrong.  Yes, the world is a precious place.  

So let's do some toddler pictures to preserve those times!  And then it falls apart - screaming, crying, tantrums.  All over a camera!  

Part of photographing kids is making them comfortable with you, being on their level rather than your's, drawing their attention to get everyday reactions, rather than getting reactions to you.  

I had worked with this family when their little one was born and was extremely excited to be able to do her 1 year old pictures.  We started inside, but the day was fairly warm, so we grabbed a couple little things and moved outside.  

Since she couldn't quite stand, we let her have her stool that she used for cruising.  Set up in the back of their Greenville apartment building, I had mom and dad distract her to get her doing some of those things that toddlers do.  

Dad said "Touchdown!" and she responded correctly.  Pretty smart little girl, wouldn't you say?  

This family session that shows anything is possible with kids.

Location: Greenville, North Carolina.

1/250; f/2.0; ISO 50; 85.0 mm.

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