Sports and Underwater Pricing

Raleigh and North Carolina Sports and Underwater Photography

Pricing - $350 plus NC Sales Tax

Pricing includes my time and gear.  As with any of my sessions, I edit and deliver digital files to you.  Because of the nature of these sessions, you should expect about 15 full-resolution files, completely edited and your's to keep.  Prints are available at reasonable prices if you choose.

One thing you may notice is that I didn't give a session length.  That's because we go until we get the images you want.  If it takes an hour, it takes an hour.  If it takes longer, then so be it.  But we go until we're done!

In fact, the only thing not included is travel fees to areas outside of a 30-mile radius of Raleigh.

Yes, I offer a discount for groups!  If you have more than 1 person within the same sport interested, let me know and we can do them all at once, saving time and money!

Tell me more...  

If you're an athlete, nothing gets you fired up like the training and competition of your sport.  Whether you swing a bat, a club or your arms, you play an active role in both you and your team's success.

Shouldn't your sports pictures show that?

Sports aren't sedentary.  You move, you jump, you run.  How does putting a ball on your knee and kneeling down show any of that?

I am beyond excited to offer sports and underwater photography portraits to both my existing and new clients.  As a former athlete, I understand the sacrifice and effort you have made.  I understand the training and attention to detail you have spent time focused on.  I understand the hours in the gym and the practice time on the field - where you gain strength, confidence and understanding.

Let's put it in pictures!

Regardless of the sport you have chosen to play, my intent is to capture the action and emotion of your hard work.  These aren't clean hair and perfect makeup images.  In fact, I warn my clients that it is a mini-workout.  I want to capture the sweat and intensity that you bring.  I have no interest in posing you against your tennis net or standing on home plate.  I do intend to have you move, hit balls, dive for balls, make incredible shots.  And we do it until we get right.

What do you bring to the table?

We go where you go - where you play.  Whether it's a gym, field, a course or a pool, I come on location where you are most comfortable.  If need be, I can help you gain permission and explain what I am asking for.

On the day of, drink plenty of fluids, get some rest and be ready to go.  Your session won't be standing around.  You'll be actively participating in your sport.  To that end, it sometimes helps to bring a friend or teammate to help you out.  Receivers need someone to throw the ball to them, batters need a pitcher.  Whether you do it before practice or after is up to you.

But I want effort!  Effort from you turns into amazing images!

What do I bring to the table?

We've talked about you, now let's talk about me.  I bring years of participation in sports and an understanding of the games themself.  I bring an eye for dramatic images and an understanding on stopping the action.

Most of these sessions will be outdoor and lit with flash.  Why flash?  Flash allows me to control light, putting it where I want it, not accepting where it is.  It adds drama and beauty, all while emphasizing you, the player.  Just do me a favor - don't run into them!

The nature of sports is both physical and demanding.  One of my biggest concerns is the safety of the athletes I work with.  If you need a break, we take a break.  I will never ask you to do something that has a high risk of injury nor will ask you to do something that you have never done or are uncomfortable doing.  We'll push some limits, but we will not cross them!

So, I swim...

Well, congratulations!  And for you, I have something different!

We're going to take the same camera and lens I use for a lot of sports work, place it in a underwater housing and hit the water.  If your pool is outside, we'll use some natural light and some flash.  If it's inside, we'll mainly use flash.  Remember, I go where you go from above?  Yep, you're in the pool and so am I!

I work with a lot of swimmers, both individuals and teams, since I am one of very few underwater photographers in North Carolina.  Whether you swim in Raleigh, Greenville or Charlotte, I am available for travel and would love to have the chance to work with you.

Because of the nature of shooting underwater, in general, we focus on freestyle and breaststrokes, your turn at the wall and the dolphin kick after.  We can also add in the butterfly in an above water portion of the session.

Are you up to the challenge?

Guessing there's a little grin on your face right now after reading all of this.  But, are you up to it?  Can you bring the same fire and intensity to a photo session that you do to your sport?  Are you willing to sweat and get dirty?

If so, then then let's get together!  You won't be disappointed and your sports memories will go beyond a ball on your knee.

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