Sports and Underwater FAQs

Sport and Underwater Photography FAQs

Where are the sessions held?

All sessions are held where you play your sport.  I want you to have a comfort level of knowing the layout of the grounds and any certain markers you have.  I've found that this helps put you at ease right from the get go.

Do I have have to secure permission?

Yes.  Permission needs to be gained by you or your parents through your coach or school.  If you use an offsite venue (i.e., golf or swimming and others), you'll need to gain the permission through them.  Just for reference, golfers, we will likely need 2 carts.

What should I wear?

Wear what you would for you sport.  I prefer game day jerseys, if possible, as opposed to practice jerseys.  Other that, same shoes, same socks, same wrist bands, same everything.

What should I bring?

First, bring fluids, especially if it is hot or you are doing your session after practice.  You need to stay hydrated.  

I also suggest bringing a towel to dry off with, if needed.  You are always welcome to provide me with ideas and shots you like and we can work towards those.

Try and find a teammate or coach to help you out.  Parents can work to.  I can't throw the ball and shoot at the same time, so we need a 2nd or third person.  

How does the session flow?

Generally, I warm you up, which is a nice way of saying I want to stretch and get some sweat going.  Then we move to a couple simple posed shots to get you used to the camera and the lights.  After that, we build into what you role and job is on the team, getting down and dirty in the action.

Are we safe?

Safety is a huge concern for me with these sessions.  I don't want anyone getting hurt.  That said, as I watch you run through your "practice sessions" (you do your job so I can get a sense of timing), I also notice how you run them.  If I see you getting sloppy, we'll take a break.

In the warmer months of the year, I generally take a break every 15 minutes.  That gives everyone some time to hydrate and rest for a second.

As mentioned, these sessions are heavily flashed.  All of my flashes are self-contained units, meaning there is no constant power source running to them, as they are battery operated.  There are no cords to trip on.

For the swimmers, there is no fear of electrocution should a light fall in the pool.  The batteries don't have enough juice in them for this to happen.  Additionally, all the stands are weighted down with at least 30 pounds of weight and are therefore, pretty tough to have blown over.

Does the sport matter?  Does age matter?

Absolutely not!  You put effort into your training for your chosen sport just like everyone else.  That doesn't make your sport any less just because it's less known or not as popular.  If you can play it, I can shoot it and make it look awesome!

In the same manner, age doesn't matter either.  Mid-40s doing Crossfit and want some shots?  Let's do it!

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