Senior Portrait FAQs

ECU seniors by the Trustees Fountain photography

Senior Portraits

  • “Do you allow multiple clothing changes/location changes?”
Yes and Yes!  Your senior portraits should be all about you and your moment, so we can move and change!  I do remind everyone that senior engagements are up to 1.5 hours with anything over that being overtime.  Pick your locations carefully and try to keep them within walking distance or a very short drive.  Traffic can be a bear at times and that could affect your time.

  • “When is the best time to do my seniors?”
That depends on your timeline.  If these are headed to the yearbook, you’ll likely need to do them the summer before you start your senior year.  If they are just personal memories for the family, pick the time of year you like the most or the time of the year when your location is at its best!  

  • “If weather threatens the engagement, can we move it?
I allow for 1 personal related session change.  After that, there is a $20 fee for each additional change.  Any session change is subject to availability.  Keep in mind that the skies are rarely in most pictures, so bluebird days aren’t required.  In fact, slightly overcast days make for some of the best light out there.

  • "What are some great locations for my engagement?"

Your school is almost always the start of any senior session, though it doesn't have to be.  Unless you really dislike the environment, it's a place you know and great location to use to get started with and familiar with me.  From there, you have lots of options.  City or state parks, downtown areas, your backyard, grandma's back yard or just about anywhere meaningful to you.

  • "Cap and Gown or not?"

I, personally, like to do a little of both.  The cap and gown ones are important as graduation ceremonies will likely be held at night and that's probably not going to lead to the best images of you in your attire.  I also like to do some without, preferring to show you in a more natural setting, the way most people know you.  So, I like both!  Keep in mind, just because you have it and don't wear it doesn't mean we can't use it in pictures.  If you take a look at the image above, there's no gown, but the cap and honor cords are present.  Caps and gowns make great props for giving meaning to your session images!

  • "Do you supply props/glitter/etc...?"

I do not.  Glitter is one of those props that is really fun to shoot, but may take a couple tries to get perfected.  Same with champagne and poppers.  You are free to bring all the props you want and we'll work them in as time allows.  Just have a plan for them!

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