About Brad

About Brad

Family picture of Brad Ipock and family

I'm a wedding, portrait, and senior photographer. I'm also a devoted family man with a supportive wife who I don't deserve and 2 amazing children.

I grew up in Rocky Mount and went to college East Carolina University, where I studied Business Finance and Accounting. I eventually earned my Master's degree, but put that all behind me to pursue photography. It's a lot more fun to take amazing pictures than it is to file your tax return.

One of the great benefits of working with me is that I sense moods and feelings and enjoy being moved emotionally.  Although my wife says that I sobbed during “Marley and Me,” I'll never admit it.

I promise that I won't sob at your portrait session or event.

Thoughts on Photography

Emotions are an important part of photography, because something as simple as a hug can take on whole new meanings during events. And it's my job to capture those moments for you.

My goal is to present you with a set of images that you can look back on with joy and remembrance. It is a responsibility that I take seriously.

I'd love to be the photographer that records those emotions for you.

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