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Zebulon's Best Portrait Photographer

There are a lot of words that come to mind when I look over this image from a rainy day family engagement.  Rare.  Imperfect.  Fall like. Beautifully toned.

Most of those probably leave you scratching your head, so I'll explain.  Four kids under the age of 10, standing still, smiling while ALL looking at the camera - Rare.  

Unfortunately, one of the cousins had had just about enough of the picture thing, so we're missing one - imperfect.  

The warm tones in the sweaters, coupled with the lightly brown and orange leaves coating the wood's floor show touches of fall and those great warm tones of the season.  

Truth is, this picture was shot 3 days after Christmas.  In the rain.

Sometimes kids are willing to work with me and sometimes they aren't.  That's part of being a kid, part of being a photographer.  There are times when the perfect picture isn't quite perfect (though I had already gotten a great image of the missing cousin).  I do the best I kind and at times, they just run out of interest.

What we do have here is great picture of 2 brothers and a brother/sister combo, which is something the parents will cherish for awhile.  I had to use off camera flash just to the right of the frame to bring them out of the deep shadows created by the shaded shelter.  By using off camera flash rather just exposing for skin tones, I was able to ensure that the background colors and detail remained in tact, rather than going far too bright and losing their power of telling the location.

Special circumstances create special images.  Sure, we could have cancelled due to the rain, but that wasn't really an option.  So instead, we find cover, use a little flash and create something beautiful and memorable!

Location: 8801 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27617.

1/160; f/5.6; ISO 400; 50.0 mm.

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